Welcome to the API documentation of Solid! 

Solid is a payment gateway enabling merchants to accept online payments with a variety of methods. Here you may find everything you need to know about our API, how to integrate and utilize it. 

Below you may find the list of methods that our API supports and software development kits (SDK) that will help you to simplify the integration process. 

Solid API Methods

  • Init Payment - method of order initiation. It creates an order for further processing.
  • Charge - operation of funds withdrawal from cardholder's account. This operation can be performed with additional cardholder verification via 3-D Secure. When the operation is successfully done, cardholder data is tokenized so that the subsequent payments can be made by token (tokenized payment).
  • Recurring - method that allows you to perform tokenized payments. In contrast to Charge, token previously received has to be sent in the request instead of cardholder data.
  • Status - request for receiving current order status.
  • Refund - request for transferring funds back to the cardholder. Refunds can be made only on approved transactions.
  • Auth - operation to check the availability of a required amount of funds on cardholder's account and hold it for a subsequent Settle.
  • Settle - operation is used for settling an authorization transaction that was previously performed. 
  • Void -  operation is used for voiding a previously performed successful authorization.

Solid SDKs


Golang SDK

Kotlin SDK

Python SDK