We know how important financial security is to our customers and the businesses we serve. That is why we put security at the forefront of business operations.


Secure network

A firewall configuration must be installed and maintained.


Secure network

System passwords must be original (not vendor-supplied).


Secure cardholder data

Stored cardholder data must be protected.


Secure cardholder data

Transmissions of cardholder data across public networks must be encrypted


Vulnerability management

Anti-virus software must be used and regularly updated.


Vulnerability management

Secure systems and applications must be developed and maintained.


Access control

Cardholder data access must be restricted to a business need-to-know basis.


Access control

Every person with computer access must be assigned a unique ID.


Access control

Physical access to cardholder data must be restricted.


Network monitoring and testing

Access to cardholder data and network resources must be tracked and monitored.


Network monitoring and testing

Security systems and processes must be regularly tested.


Information security

A policy dealing with information security must be maintained.


What Is PCI Compliance?

PCI DSS compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which rates a company using 4 stages that correspond to the level of compliance. PCI DSS is an independent body established by several major credit card brands in an effort to ensure businesses maintain a secure environment when processing, storing and transmitting their customer’s credit card data.

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PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

The importance of the PCI DSS certification

Solid is compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 and is certified as a Service Provider. We are audited on the annual basis by the Qualified Security Assessor. We are re-confirming our status with PCI DSS to ensure the reduction in security risks and breaches, lowering the risk of cardholder data threats, ensuring the highest standards in safe software development and other benefits.

  • Safety enhancements. A reduction in security risks and breaches.
  • Avoid costly fines. The risk is much costly than the cost to comply.
  • Improved company reputation.
  • Peace of mind. A certification evidences your commitment to security and gives you and your customers greater peace of mind.
  • Increased profits. Greater trust leads to greater loyalty and fewer cart abandonments.
  • Happier customers as a Result.
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Protecting our customers’ financial and personal data is one of our top priorities at Solid.

We understand that in order to build a loyal and returning customer base, you need to have a sensitive and robust data handling protocol in place. That is why Solid enables automatic encryption software for whenever confidential information is shared between our merchants and servers.

We do this because when live payment details are in a readable format (such as plain text), they become an easy target for potential cyberthieves. These fraudsters are aware of this issue and search for ways to intercept and copy the data. For example, one technique is to intercept card data that is being transmitted from a card reader to a POS server.

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