Reporting and Data

Optimise your conversion using our Reports and Payment Adviser.

Reporting and Data
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Advanced payment advice

Benefit from higher approval rates using our Payment Adviser

We utilise our extensive experience to consult businesses on the possible payment types to ensure optimised and risk-free transaction flows.

Comprehensive data

Utilising the best data science techniques to provide optimal payments management.

By simplifying the payment process, we make it easier to acquire and collate data that businesses and their customers can benefit from. You can access and review all your comprehensive reports via Merchant Admin Panel of Solid.

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Gross Report

Solid takes the stress out of your gross revenue reporting.

As a critical but often complex part of your business, we help you analyze and report your business revenue using our Merchant Admin Panel in an easier and solutions’ focused way.

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Reconciliation simplification

We simplify the reconciliation accounting process.

When it comes to meeting your reconciliation requirements, Solid makes comparing two sets of data easy. We developed complex reconciliation services to ensure reliable, accurate and comprehensive account data.

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Understanding Declined Transactions

We help you analyse your declined transactions and solve any issues.

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International Online Payments

International Online Payments

Simple all-in-one solution with transparent fees.