Major Debit & Credit Cards Payments

Major Debit & Credit Cards Payments

Credit cards are a prevalent and widely accepted payment method throughout the world (although most credit card users reside in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific). With that being the case, SolidGate lets businesses tap into the global market with an integrated payment gateway, granting access to one of the most popular online payment methods.

  • Capacity for online, in-store and in-app debit and credit card payments
  • One-click payment for customers who store their card details
  • A 3D Secure Payment option that safeguards against fraudulent activity
  • Access to accept payments of hundreds currencies worldwide

Solid offers businesses a fast and efficient payment system.

  • step-img 1

    Customer reaches the payment screen on their mobile app

  • step-img 2

    Customer picks the 1-click payment option, populating their saved details

  • step-img 3

    Customer is redirected to the confirmation page

  • step-img 4

    The purchase appears on the SolidGate Merchant Admin Panel

International Online Payments

International Online Payments

Simple all-in-one solution with transparent fees.