Apple Pay

Apple Pay
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Apple Pay offers a modern and slick checkout option for customers purchasing goods both online and in-store. As it grows in popularity amongst shoppers, utilizing their mobile integration will modernize your business and offer your customers a slick 21st century checkout experience.

  • A modern online, in-app, and in-store payment solution
  • Greater security with advanced cardholder verification methods
  • Higher authorization rates
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Customer flow for Apple Pay express checkout

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    Customer picks Apple Pay payment method on your website or mobile app

  • step-img 2

    Customer reviews order and verifies purchase with their fingerprint

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    Customer is forwarded to the confirmation page

  • step-img 4

    Merchant sends an Apple Pay token to SolidGate, completing the transaction

With one integration, SolidGate lets you operate Apple Pay in all the countries it’s supported. We are a certified Apple Pay partner who supports their tokenization standards. This means our clients can feel safe in the knowledge that their customers’ card information is secure whether purchasing goods online, in-store or via an app.

International Online Payments

International Online Payments

Simple all-in-one solution with transparent fees.