Antifraud System

We have developed a robust and comprehensive safety solution that helps businesses identify and stop fraudulent activity.

Antifraud System

Reduce Fraud Without Blocking The Proper Payments

Businesses must tread a fine line to protect customer payments. You need to stop identified fraudsters, while at the same time putting more efforts to avoid blocking real transactions.

  • Improved fraud detection rates
  • Fewer false positives
  • Greater customer protection
  • Prevention of emerging fraud types

Preventing fraudulent activity

The number of recognized fraud prevention techniques can help you process orders in a more secure manner.

3D secure authentication
Authentication methods like Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code can help effectively detect and prevent fraudulent activity. During the checkout process, cardholders will be asked to confirm their identity by entering their secure PIN code before the transaction is processed.
Transaction limits
We recommend setting a limit on the amount of high-value transactions coming from the same cardholder in a given period. This helps to prevent expensive transaction fraud, inevitably leading to costly chargebacks.
Risk score model
Solid utilises technology that processes numerous payments worldwide every day. Through data learning, it automatically assigns a transaction risk score and blocks high-risk transactions ensuring greater security.

Your ultimate Chargeback Prevention Tool

We offer the reliable chargeback detection and prevention system.

  • Control your numbers

    Remain within Chargeback thresholds with a 40-50% decrease in chargeback incidents.

  • Optimise your costs

    Manage chargeback fees by monitoring Excessive Chargeback fees.

  • Enjoy smart technology

    Improved and simplified business model for long-term partnerships.

  • Scale volumes

    Reduced technical issues for higher processing capacity and immense growth opportunities.

Data based
engine scoring

We offer adaptable customisation options tailored to each business.

Solid antifraud algorithm is configured to suit individual business requirements. We offer flexible customisation options that can be tailored to achieve maximum results.

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Data based engine scoring

3D Secure Authentication 2.0

3D Secure 2.0 is a functionality that mitigates risk, supports better decision making and improves the customer journey – all of which leads to higher conversion rates.

  • Fewer transaction losses when using 3DS
  • Frictionless and comprehensive data
  • Multiple payment authentications
  • An improved customer journey
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International Online Payments

International Online Payments

Simple all-in-one solution with transparent fees.