Solid - is a payment gateway enabling the merchant to accept online payments of a different kind.


How does it work? 

  1. A customer creates order on the website and pay.
  2. A customer enters card details.
  3. SolidGate processes the card details and sends a request to the bank.
  4. Bank processes a transaction

Integration options

There are two options of integration with SolidGate:

  • Solid Payment Form - payment web-form on Solid's end. It's simple but functionality restricted (it sustains only payment operations).
  • Solid API - full host2host REST API. Parameters are transmitted with POST-method in the request body (JSON format). The payment form is hosted on the Merchant's end.

Only PCI DSS certified merchants are eligible for full API considering that merchant accepts and processes card data on its end.

Following API methods are restricted without valid PCI DSS certificate:

  1. Charge
  2. Resign 1-Click
  3. Auth 
  4. Auth 3D

3D Secure

3DS (3-D Secure) — known as Verified By Visa and MasterCard Secure Code. These are the programmes of respective Card Scheme so the issuer can check whether the cardholder does authorize the payment. It works as follows: cardholder specifies his/her card details, then issuer's website occurs where the cardholder is supposed to enter the secret code (usually mentioned in SMS). If the code is entered correctly, the payment will be approved. If not, it will be declined.

Operation of Sales can be performed via SolidGate with 3DS if 3DS-authentication required.

Below is a chart of 3DS flow when SolidGate Payment Form applied.