Get started with Solid


Solid provides a collection of APIs that enable you to easily process and manage payments. You can use the same integration for payments made with cards (including 3D Secure), mobile wallets such as Apple and Google Pay. 

Our APIs accept and return JSON body. You can consume the APIs directly using your favorite HTTP/REST library. 


The transaction flow can be generally described as follows:

  1. A customer creates order on the website and proceeds to checkout and payment form.
  2. A customer enters card details.
  3. SolidGate processes the card details and sends a request to the cardholder's bank.
  4. Bank processes a transaction.

Integration Options

There are three options for integration with SolidGate:

  • Payment Form – payment web-form on SolidGate end. It's simple but functionality restricted (it sustains only payment operations);
  • Payment Page - you can create a payment page and share a URL to it with your customers or embed it on your website.
  • Host-to-Host API – full card details REST API. The payment form is hosted on the Merchant's end.

Only PCI DSS certified merchants can fully utilize H2H API considering that merchant accepts and processes card data on its end. Following API methods of host-to-host API are available only to merchants with valid PCI DSS certificate: 
1. Charge
2. Resign 1-Click

Integration Flow

To start, you will require access to your account in our Merchant Panel where you can find credentials for the API and where all data is shown. You could ask your Account Manager to send you an invite to the Panel or just create an account on your own.

A merchant is initially configured for working via the test environment. The Integration can be checked on this environment with a set of test cards. 

Merchant can go-live when integration is completed.

Processing Operations

All payments are depicted as orders, which are considered to be the main indicator. Transactions are referred to be as separate operations within an order, i.e, charge, void, settle, refund.

Payment operations are deemed to be asynchronous. When payment is finalized, the current status can be detected as follows:


Our sandbox environment provides an excellent opportunity to make sure everything is working perfectly. Sign up for your test account, then use the information in this section to try out your integration before going live.

Always use your test keys when testing your integration. This is how we know to link all test payments to your sandbox account. You can find your test keys in our Merchant Panel under your account settings.