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    We recommend that you enable 2FA for all my solid users immediately after registration.

    Two-factor authentication is an additional level of security that ensures that only you can get access to your account, even if your password is known to someone else.

    To enable 2FA, after login in my solid, click on the name icon in the upper right corner of the page. In the window that opens, select the Settings item.

    On the User Settings page that opens, click the Add authentication step button. The Two-factor activating page will display a QR code, which must be scanned through the two-factor authentication application and enter the code received in the app in the enter one-time password field.

    After performing the above steps, save the settings by clicking on the Activate button. At each next login in my solid, the user will need to enter OTP to enter the admin panel.

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Did not find the right question?