Solid Payment Form - Old Option

Execution of InitPayment request to the following URL will result in the generation of a payment form:


Token - the unique token of payment form received by initiating payment. Example of value: ygigiug898etrw89trw8ggu

In response payment web-page is to be received specified in the design above.


Post Messages

After the form submits and the order status change you receive a post message to the parent window, which contains information of the order.

Post Message Sample

  "pay_form": {
    "token": "3a6dbbb7ddd4e555fdbbd233a5d4c0a8076472155afeda8625dad7ca",
    "design_name": "form_design"
  "transactions": {
    "2094700805afedaa47b17aaf": {
      "id": "2094700805afedaa47b17aaf",
      "operation": "pay",
      "status": "fail",
      "descriptor": "",
      "amount": 1200,
      "currency": "USD",
      "fee": {
        "amount": 12,
        "currency": "USD"
      "card": {
        "bank": "US BANK NA",
        "bin": "444411",
        "brand": "VISA",
        "country": "USA",
        "number": "444411XXXXXX1111"
  "error": {
    "code": "2.01",
    "messages": [
      "Invalid Data"
    "recommended_message_for_user": "Invalid Data"
  "order": {
    "order_id": "209470080",
    "status": "declined",
    "amount": 9900,
    "refunded_amount": 0,
    "currency": "RUB",
    "marketing_amount": 157,
    "marketing_currency": "USD",
    "processing_amount": 1200,
    "processing_currency": "USD",
    "descriptor": "",
    "fraudulent": false,
    "total_fee_amount": 12,
    "fee_currency": "USD"