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Payments Start with Our People

Be a part of the payments revolution, made up of the inquisitive, ambitious, meticulous and energetic. Together we're transforming the future of payment processing.

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Work well

Free Meals. The members of our team can enjoy great meals daily. Take a break for tea, have some snacks, sweets, enjoy fresh fruits after busy stand-ups and meetings.

Comfortable office. We take care of the CO2 level in the air with the help of a special ventilation system.


Free education

Training and seminars. Compensation for additional 
training, internal events and workshops.

Professional mentoring. Connecting a less-experienced specialist with a renowned professional to assist in adaptation.


Health care

Sport Activities. We cover the services of professional coaches and provide free training sessions in running, football, basketball, volleyball and yoga for our team. 

Full Health Coverage. After the probationary period, we provide the members of our team with health insurance.


Additional care

Flexible Vacation Time. Take the time you need to live a balanced and fulfilling personal life.

Party hard. We organise parties at the most incredible locations every summer and winter, and once a year - an unforgettable teambuilding trip.